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Using domestic tropes, as well as semiotic and feminist theory, my present practice examines the deconstruction of a conventional form (cake) in order to address questions of gender, domesticity, and abstraction. No longer is cake an object for consumption; through re-encoding the familiar, it has become a vehicle to express disillusionment with and resistance to a traditional domestic sphere.
Each of my compositions follows from a process that involves the use of performance and photography to capture the physical destruction of cake and the resulting detritus. I bake and decorate cakes and drop them in my studio. Through these performances, the integrity of the cake is shattered, leaving an abstracted image I photograph on my studio floor. These photos serve as loose references in the paintings and allow me to reconstitute cake on canvas in fragments – at times fanciful, at others, grotesque.

cake table oil dessert
Cakes Fall Apart (Table)
oil on canvas
48" x 72"