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When my dad almost died, my relationship to food changed. It was during this period that I realized the connection between taste and emotion. The series that emerged from this experience deals with the complex mixture of comfort, craving, and emptiness that food conjures.

These works began from a place of loss—what happens when our emotional state drives not a hunger or desire, but an aversion, a hollowness that food cannot begin to fill. The artificial perversity of Jell-O prompts reflection on its near medicinal use in a patient’s recovery, just as the watery sustenance of soup seems a strangely minimalist antidote to pain.

By contrast, the lust to consume can signal the possibility of solace, if not a full return to normalcy. Fluffy pancakes denote family ritual and home. Cupcakes sate a desire for something joyful, sweet, and aesthetically dreamy.

The spaces we devote to food dually embody appetite and void. The ornate table is poised for celebration and fulfillment, yet fraught with the tension of absent dishes and absent guests.

These over-sized depictions of food invite the viewer to contemplate these dishes—layered, lush, fanciful at times—on a large emotional scale, that which is normally consumed by bites, piecemeal.

Disintegration of Dinner: Red Jell-O
Disintegration of Dinner: Red Jell-O
oil on canvas
36" x 36"